Our Grass-Fed Black Angus Beef

Our beef is grass-fed, grass-finished, black Angus beef. Our cows are raised without the use of hormones and have free range of grazing our land.


Single or Smaller Orders

If you are looking to purchase smaller or single orders, we sell a variety of cuts at different prices depending on the cut.

The cuts that we offer are:

  • Ground beef  – $7.50/lb
  • Pre-Made Beef Patties – $8.50/lb
  • Sirloin Tip – $9/lb
  • Rib Eye Steak – $17/lb
  • T-Bone Steak – $20/lb
  • Rump Roast – $10/lb
  • Shoulder Roast – $10/lb
  • Round Steak Roast – $10/lb
  • Braising Ribs – $7/lb


These single orders and immediate orders can be done at the Carleton Place Farmers Market every Saturday from 8:30am-12:30pm, or at the farm gate; which requires a previously arranged meeting.

Meat Box (**NEW**)

We have decided to try something new and introduce meat boxes for those with less freezer space and smaller families!

The meat boxes will consist of a variety of meats including various cuts of beef including steaks; various cuts of pork including sausage; and whole chickens. They will also include a dozen farm fresh eggs!

These meat boxes will be available in the fall and will cost $100.00! Place your orders now as these are in high demand!

You can place your order at the Carleton Place Farmers Market, or please contact mcgaheypeter@gmail.com


Bulk Orders

The bulk orders consist of purchasing either a quarter, half, or entire cow. The cuts that are offered with the bulk orders are the same cuts that are listed above and all of the cuts in the bulk orders have a flat rate of $5.50/lb. You won’t find another deal like this!

The bulk orders will be ready for pick-up or delivery at the end of October, so get your name on the pre-order list as you don’t want to miss out!

The pre-order forms can be found at the Carleton Place Farmers Market, or please contact mcgaheypeter@gmail.com or johnsoncarley2@gmail.com if you are interested in placing a bulk order!